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Hightech products from Switzerland

Hightech products from Switzerland that are unique and absolutely unmatched in their field! Designed with the input of end users, developed by specialists and produced with the best Swiss Quality.

Innovation through experience and creativity.

Muzzle brake MB5T caliber 300

Tests, exams and technical data

Our patented products (Worldwide PCT registered) go through extensive testing before they are ready for sale and you can be sure to purchase a top product with optimal and unique properties. Measurement results, tests and technical data of our muzzle brake can be found on this page.

Muzzle brake MB5T

MMuzzle brake MB5T

As the name implies, the main purpose is to reduce the recoil to which the shooter is exposed when shooting. In most muzzle brakes on the relevant market, the combustion gases are discharged sideways from the muzzle, which reduces the recoil but also increases the noise and explosion at the line of fire. Some muzzle brakes direct the pressure and gases forward to reduce noise at the line of fire, but their efficiency in reducing recoil is reduced to 20 - 30%.

High efficiency without the usual disadvantages for the shooter: Our product offers a higher recoil reduction (up to 50%), but without increased noise and explosion at the line of fire through a completely new technology (PCT registration worldwide). Our design places gas connections not only to reduce recoil, but also to eliminate the muzzle jump during shooting and to mark refills faster. Our design also reduces muzzle flash where other muzzle brakes actually increase it! Less muzzle flash makes refills faster and also helps to hide the shooter in tactical situations.

Sales / Distribution

Muzzle brake saleOur products are sold through authorized dealers. Our products are initially available in the USA and Canada through our partner, the Calgary Shooting Centre. If you have any questions or are interested in our products, please contact our exclusive partner for North America: Calgary Shooting Center.

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