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Muzzle Brake MB5T

muzzle brake MB5T caliber 223, 300, 338

Our MB5T muzzle brake (PCT registered and patented worldwide) combines many improvements in shot release with competitive products. Our muzzle brake directs the blast wave and shot noise forward away from the shooter and reduces recoil by over 50%. Furthermore, various bores prevent the weapon from hitting up and keep it in a stable horizontal axis at all times. The system also has the positive side effect that the fireball at the end of the muzzle brake, almost eliminated and therefore the shooter is no longer dazzled. 

Types and calibres

The muzzle brake is available for caliber .223 / .30 / .338 and in two versions; with glass breaker feature and without (NATO version).

360 Grad pictures muzzle brake360 Grad pictures muzzle brake

Functionality MB5T

Muzzle brake caliber 300

Here is the detailed mode of action of the MB5T muzzle brake. The main purpose of a muzzle brake is the reduction of the recoil, which acts on the shooter when shooting with a weapon. In most products on the relevant market, the combustion gases are diverted sideways from the muzzle for this purpose, but these have the major disadvantage that the escaping gases and the noise are diverted to the rear. Our product is highly complex and contains a completely new technology (PCT application worldwide). In the case of muzzle brakes, which conduct the pressure and the gases forward, the efficiency drops to the recoil and is now only 20 - 30%. Our product, on the other hand, also transfers the pressure and the gases to the front and yet we achieve a reduction of the recoil by up to 50%. Since the relief openings are located on the side, but the inner work is carried out with different angles of deflection, this eliminates the gun's upstroke. In addition, our product also reduces the appearance of fire. This has the positive side effect that the fireball of the muzzle fire no longer appears in the target optics (visual field), whereby the dazzling effect of the shooter is eliminated. In addition, the muzzle flash dampened in this way reveals the position of the shooter much less. Test results and downloads can be found in detail under this link.

Sales / Distribution

Muzzle brake saleOur products are sold through authorized dealers. Our products are initially available in the USA and Canada through our partner, the Calgary Shooting Centre. If you have any questions or are interested in our products, please contact our exclusive partner for North America: Calgary Shooting Center.

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