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Muzzle brake MB5T test

muzzle brake caliber 223, 300, 338

Product video

Here is a video of the use of our muzzle brake, clearly recognizable no upstroke of the gun and imperceptible recoil for this caliber or rifle type. Below a picture of the muzzle flash of our product.

small muzzle flash MB5T

Muzzle brake MB5T technical data

small muzzle flash MB5T

Caliber 223 with AR 15 Remington

muzzle brake test caliber 223 AR 15

Caliber 300 with Winchester Magnum

muzzle brake test caliber 300 magnum

caliber 338 with Lapua Magnum

muzzle brake test caliber 338 lapua magnum

Pressure output

graphic pressure distribution muzzle brake

Download as PDF

Here you have the possibility to download the technical data as well as current brochures in PDF format. If you have any further questions, please use our contact form.

Sales / Distribution

Mündungsbremse VertriebOur products are sold through authorized dealers. Our products are initially available in the USA and Canada through our partner, the Calgary Shooting Centre. If you have any questions or are interested in our products, please contact our exclusive partner for North America: Calgary Shooting Center.

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