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1. Guarantee conditions
Guarantee conditions The legal right to the guaranty conditions is only valid for the first owner. All information regarding the first owner must be correct and should there be a guarantee claim they must be fully documented. Swiss Precision Arms GmbH (subsequently referred to as S-P-Arms) guarantees that their product will be produced to the highest quality and is free from defects in the materials used, the workmanship and faulty operation. S-P-Arms is liable, during the guarantee period of two years to provide the first owner repair, adjustment, replacement by equivalent product (or equivalent or comparable component). Prerequisite is that the product was correctly registered by the original owner, and that the product to be repaired is sent to an approved dealer or directly to S-P-Arms Switzerland. This limited guarantee is no longer legally applicable if the product has been misused, damaged (due to an accident or otherwise), fired with hand-loaded or reloaded incorrect ammunition, fired with an obstruction in the barrel, impaired due to too little or incorrect maintenance as described in the written operating instructions or when unauthorized repairs or alterations including cosmetic art have occurred. Furthermore the guarantee is no longer valid when: - The assembly is incorrect or the assembly instructions have not been followed - Damage due to normal usage and wear and tear - Improper handling and/or usage - Mechanical damage from any source - Damage due to superior force and environmental conditions - Repair, processing and alterations (including cosmetic changes) by unauthorized third parties The limited guarantee is only valid for products of S-P-Arms and is valid only for the original purchaser. The guarantee cannot be transffered to a third party. There is no implicit guarantee of any kind and this guarantee does not apply to accessories which can be used with the product or can be attached to it.
 2. Scope of the Guarantee
The guarantee services apply to products from S-P-Arms. There can be no extension of the guarantee cover. Only when a part is replaced with a new and equal product from S-P-Arms and this replacement must be registered within 3 months of receipt will the guarantee once more be valid for 2 years from the date of registration of the replacement of the new part. Additional or further claims, particularly those from others who are not connected with the products of S-P-Arms – insofar as liability is not legally ordered – are excluded.
3. Transport Risks and Costs

Transport risks and costs for the transport to and from S-P-Arms are to be met completely by the customer. The extent of the guarantee is determined solely by the company S-P-Arms. Repaired and replaced parts and defective parts will remain the property of the company S-P-Arms.
4. Law and exclusive Jurisdiction
This guarantee is subject to Swiss law. The legal domicile is Thun (Switzerland).

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